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Why plumbed in over bottled water?

Why plumbed in over bottled water?

Unlimited, great tasting, freshly filtered water supply!

By Switching from bottled to mains fed, many companies have reduced their costs dramatically as they no longer have to pay for bottled water.  Also, with the increasing concern for our environment, more and more business owners are looking for ways to lower their carbon footprint, and the simple switch to a plumbed in water cooler can help.

Unlike bottled water dispensers, there is no industry based around the cleaning, bottling and delivering of water, we simply connect your cooler to your plumbing for a convenient and environmentally friendly, freshly filtered water supply.

If you are unimpressed with the taste of your tap water, don’t worry! Why not free trial one of our systems and you be the judge? Click here and look for Hazeldene’s testimonial. This could be you!

There are so many benefits to a plumbed in water cooler that it is no wonder many businesses and commercial customers have already changed from bottled water coolers to our filtered water coolers. These benefits include:

  • No need to pay for the delivery of replacement bottles of water every few days, we simply use your existing water supply for a much more cost efficient solution.
  • Unlimited, great tasting, freshly filtered water supply! You’ll never under order, or run out of cool water on a hot day.
  • There are no storage issues; meaning you won’t have bulky water bottles taking up valuable space in store rooms or cluttering up your office.
  • No time consuming ordering or delivery arrangements to worry about.
  • No heavy lifting, or awkward water bottles to manoeuvre around the office when the bottle needs changing.

All the sanitisation and filter changes are included in the price, so if you’re looking for a cost effective and convenient alternative to bottled water, simply give us a call here at Fresh Opportunities on 0800 998 1972. We’ll be happy to talk you through the diverse and versatile range of plumbed-in water coolers we can offer you; this will benefit your pocket and your workplace just as much as it will benefit the environment.

Need help? Talk to one of our friendly, helpful advisors on 0800 998 1972 or drop us an email today

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