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School Water Coolers

School Water Coolers & Boilers

Keeping concentration up at school is crucial

Maintaining high levels of concentration is made harder if your students are not properly hydrated. At Fresh Opportunities, we are able to provide a wide range of water coolers and dispensers for your school, university or college, from fashionable design to heavy duty functionality when there is a requirement to withstand possible abuse.

School Water Fountains

Nottingham, Leicester, Derby and surrounding areas

Whether your requirement is to provide easy access to drinking water for pupils and students or to improve the facilities in the staff room, Fresh Opportunities Ltd has the experience of supplying dozens of education establishments.


The requirements of education establishments are often quite different from, say, an office, factory or sports centre.  Young people can be exuberant and accidents can happen.  Our wide range of coolers can be fitted with wall brackets if thought necessary and where abuse could be a possibility our Rhino range of products is ideal for taking the punishment.  Let us share our advice and experience  so that you can make your decisions with confidence.

Students/Pupils carrying water bottles are now the norm rather than the exception.  Strategically placed water dispensers provide the ideal top-up solution throughout the day – no need to constantly provide expensive and wasteful cups.  Proper hydration is vital for everyone and its provision may be a lot easier than you think.

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